Elsa Ravenborn

Emerisia's High Priestess of the Raven Queen


Race: Aasimar


Dave: two points positive
Andrew: one point positive
Matt: two points positive


An extremely practiced spellcaster and ritualist, Elsa is the highest ranked clergy member in the Omnist Faith. She was once the Raven Queen’s most powerful servant on this plane, but was surrendered by Wee Jas to serve a higher purpose. She splits her time between Sandpoint, where the Grand Cathedral of Santa Cora (the secular headquarters of the faith), Emerisia (the largest urban center of the Faith), and Magnimar (the Axis Mundi, where the Emperor resides). She is a dedicated pacifist.

It is rumored that the Prince of Shadows has stolen her heart. Whether this is literal or metaphorical is the subject of much debate among both scholars and tavern patrons.

Elsa Ravenborn

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