Bael Turath

Deep in the heart of the once great tiefling empire, there is what remains of a city (mostly the underground portions). Very few know of this place’s location, but it is undoubtedly a hive of scum and villainy, where everything, regardless of legality, has its price, and where the deeper layers are so dangerous that none dare venture therein. It is a local myth that deep down there is the unwilling tomb of one of The Band of Five.


Current population: 1000 (50% Tiefling, 20% Human, 15% Dark Elf, 4% Shifters, 3% Shardmind) 1
Economy: Slaving; smuggling; illegal goods such as illicit drugs, poisons, and dangerous artifacts
Geography:Hot desert, sand dunes, ruined cities
Government: None official, a rotating cast of criminal underworld bosses

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1 Bael Turath’s population is in constant flux, and perhaps only 200 members of its population are permanent.

Bael Turath

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