Character Creation

Ability Scores

Player characters begin with 10 in all abilities, and use the standard point buy system detailed in the Player’s Handbook pg. 17. PCs may not reduce their ability score below 10 to gain more points at character creation.

Races and Classes

Any playable race and class in the entire fourth edition line is viable for play, including races allowed for play in the various Monster Manuals. If you are playing a race and/or class outside of the books I, the DM, own, i.e., the three Player’s Handbooks, the Eberron Player’s Guide, the Monster Manuals, and/or the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, please either have a hard copy, PDF, or write down all pertinent information somewhere handy.

Other Options

Any option (e.g., feat, skill, etc.) is available for play (assuming your character meets all prerequisites) is allowed for play. Again, please make sure to have some copy of the rule available in case it needs to be looked up.

Character Backgrounds

Players are strongly encouraged to have a short written back story (no more than one page, single spaced), and a character portrait. Those who do so will be awarded an extra 250 experience.

Character Creation

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