Diamond Lake

Population: 1023
Racial Make-up: 35% Human, 25% Dwarf, 25% Goliath, 7% Mul, 3% Shifter, 3% Tiefling, 1% Dragonborn, 1% Other
Trade: exports metals (primarily iron and silver) and imports foodstuffs and labor
Allegiance: Emerisia (protectorate holding)

A mining town built in the Cairn Hills next to its namesake body of water, Diamond Lake is a rough and tumble town where corruption and misery reign, and hope has long since fled the average person.

Most of the populace works in the various mines, with the rest of serving the miners needs in one way or another (e.g., barkeeps, tailors, etc.). There are also a few fishers and riverboaters, who run the river trade to Emerisia.

Aside from the mines, the town is known for its various cairns and tombs from ancient civilizations, including giants. It is currently believed that all have been looted of their precious artifacts, but a few treasure hunters still show up every now and then, as well as wealthy nobles looking to do a bit of sight seeing and scholars doing research on ancient cultures.

For more information, see Dungeon Magazine 124 (July 2005).

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Diamond Lake

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