Races of Şehir Dünyanın

In Şehir Dünyanın, race is simply one part of a person’s identity and not the whole of their person. No race has a singular culture or even language. Even long lived species have widely divergent cultures, as they are scattered far and wide across the City-World. Some races, though, have what are widely considered ancestral homes. These were either the places that they originally served the giants, such as the Halls of Remembrance (dwarves) or the Tendishen Foothills (halflings).

Servitor races are the descendants of those races who originally served the giants. With the exception of the Wallmakers, no one is quite sure whether they were bred by the giants, or if they were brought to Şehir Dünyanın by the giants.

Extraplanar races are those races which have come to the great city through various means, most often through the Gates of Eternity. The noted (but not necessarily only) exceptions to this are the draconic races of Dragonborn, Kobolds, and Lizardfolk who were introduced to the world by the dragons that allied with the giants. As an explicit note, all extraplanar means here is simply that the race originated from a different plane of existence – what this means is up to the individual player of that race. All of the races listed here as extraplanar have also lived on Şehir Dünyanın for centuries, at least.

Native races are those which have naturally or unnaturally arisen in the world on their own. Examples include the Shadar Kai (created by the Raven Queen), tieflings (infernal pacts between humanoids and demons), and shifters (breeding between full lycanthropes and humanoids).

Unless otherwise stated, all races listed are true breeding; the obvious exceptions are Wallmakers, who can only be created through the magical means of the Creation Forges, and Deva, who are naturally reincarnating spirits-made-flesh.

Servitor Races

Extraplanar Races

Native Races

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Races of Şehir Dünyanın

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