A half-devil monster bent on completing an ancient ritual


The main bad guy of the campaign so far. He has plans for the world…and perhaps the party as well.

The Cambion is also known as the General of All Cambions.

He organized the bandits out of Raven’s Roost, the earliest of his followers. He has also hired mercenaries from the Black Sands Raiders and gladiators from Emerisia. He was allied with the dwarf crime boss Ulruun the Repugant, who the party killed, and has devils from the Legion of Avernus at his beck and call. He also has several necromancers (such as Filge) and at least one vampire assisting him as well. Until they were freed by the party, the nymph Sonia and the head of the Forsaken, Yerom, were prisoners of the Cambion.

In the Diamond Lake region, the Cambion was served by the necromancer Filge and the governor-mayor Lanod Neff. He also controlled a red dragon and a cult dedicated to the evil primordial Imix, Prince of Elemental Fire.

The party was able to confront the Cambion in the Whispering Cairn. During a fierce battle with the Cambion, the party forced him to flee to Emerisia after Big cut off his hand.


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