An evil necromancer hiding in plain sight in Diamond Lake


Race: Human


A necromancer in service to the Content Not Found: Cambion, Filge has been living for years in Diamond Lake studying the undead. He lived in the Old Observatory on the outskirts of town, only venturing into the city to buy ritual components.

The party attempted to approach him to have translate an ancient book written in Draconic. Recognizing the book, and the head of Content Not Found: Yerom on Kaniel’s belt, Filge decided to ambush the party with the help of a Shadar Kai, some wererats, and skeletons. Unfortunately for him, things didn’t go as planned and he was killed by Kaniel.

Caris Lorak has since used his Changeling abilities to disguise himself as Filge, and signed over the deed of the Old Observatory to the party. As far as the townsfolk are concerned, Filge has left for good. Only the priest-acolytes of the Raven Queen know otherwise, and they are grateful, for Filge was a constant nuisance in their side.


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