House Rules

House Rules


The DM is the ultimate arbiter of rules and regulations in the game. If at any point the DM makes a ruling that is contradictory to the published rules of the game, the DM’s ruling overrides and supercedes those rules for that ruling. This rule is intended for, but not limited to, the following two situations: during “cut scenes” where actions can occur that may violate the standard set of rules and in situations where it would be more enjoyable for a player to do something that bends (but doesn’t necessarily break) the rules. See The Rule of Cool for further clarification.


If characters describe their actions and/or attempt to do something original, unique, and/or not described by the rules, then the Rule of Cool is in effect. Essentially, this rule states that if the action described is pleasing to the DM and the other players, then the action will most likely be allowed and receive some bonus, either in by a +2 to the roll, or a reduction in the DC of the check.


Inspired by the events in the film Serenity, if at any time a Player Character utters these words in their entirety, that character will utterly and completely succeed at that action, but will die with no chance of character resurrection ever. For example, if Jake, Pam, and Lacey’s characters are all out of hit points and seriously wounded in their battle with Demogorgon, and Demogorgon is one turn away from killing them all, Winston may sacrifice his character to prevent the other characters’ death by uttering those words. Winston’s character, Fate Blessed Hoto, utters the words and begins a furious cascade of blows that forces Demogorgon back, away from his companions, who are able to escape through the Planar Gate that they had discovered before ’s attack. As the last of the wounded escape, Fate Blessed Hoto is fatally wounded by Demogorgon, who rips out Hoto’s heart with his claws. Players are not allowed to “leaf” another player’s “leafing.” For example, Jake’s character, Argos Ten Fangs, cannot likewise say “I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar,” to save Hoto from being killed by Demogorgon.


It is usual for DMs to give players treasure or reward in excess of what is normally recommended by the rules. Often, this treasure is referred to as “plot money.” However, the way in which plot money is used and what it buys is often haphazard and random. In order to avail this situation, player-characters will be awarded with a type of treasure known as “party resources.” Party resources are an abstract measurement of natural resources, goods, and services owed to the party by NPCs. Party resources are meant solely for the purpose of building, purchasing, and/or crafting things for which the whole party will benefit from. Examples include buying a house, building a guild hall, investing in a caravan, etc. A list of example resource costs will be provided here.


Inspired by Mass Effect‘s reputation system, the party reputation system shall be a way of keeping track of the party’s actions and more importantly, how NPCs perceive them, in specific regions. Each region designated on the map shall have an associated party reputation score, to be divided between positive reputation and negative reputation. Each region shall start with a score of zero (0) in both positive and negative reputation. Points will be added to a region’s score as PCs accumulate them. Points are awarded based on the DM’s discretion. No region shall have a score higher than 100 pts total – i.e., a region may have 100 pts of positive reputation, 100 of negative, 33 positive and 77 negative, etc. Rules are provided here.

House Rules

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