Party Resources

All examples are assumed to be self-sustaining – e.g., stores replenish goods on their own, farms grow roughly the same amount of crops each season, houses don’t fall into disrepair, etc.


  • 150 PR:
    • Decent house with moderate furnishings.
    • Well stocked stable with bare sleeping quarters in attic.
    • Hardy caravan wagon, fully loaded with trade goods, a pair of oxen, and teamsters.
    • 10 cubic feet section of sturdy stone wall.
  • 300 PR:
    • Four story tall guard tower with a stone base (first floor) and wood top (next three floors), with wooden palisade and minor furnishings.
    • 25 acre monocrop farm, with proper equipment and storage facilities, small work crew.
    • Minor caravan of three wagons, donkeys, trade goods, teamsters, and a tinker.
    • Full alchemist’s lab (i.e., the equipment only).
    • Personal shrine to deity made of lacquered wood and fine clothe, with incense and spare holy books.
  • 500 PR:
    • Country manor on 50 acres of land (lightly wooded), well furnished and stocked, small staff.
    • 100 acre farm that grows 3-4 crops, 2 animal types, work crew, storage facilities and barn, proper equipment.
    • Common goods shop (e.g., bakery, smithy, tannery, carpenter, etc). with proper equipment and two workers at the apprentice level.
    • Common church with a devoted shrine, run by a minor acolyte, can seat up to 50 parishioners comfortably.
    • Moderately sized river/lake craft with extra supplies and skeleton crew (i.e., the bare minimum needed to run the vessel, not an undead crew).
    • Caravanserai with cheap but durable furnishings, stocked with cheap but filling food and drink, ten rooms that can each comfortably hold four Medium sized humanoids (or eight uncomfortably), a small but efficient staff.
  • 750 PR:
    • Large, full stocked and staffed inn, with stables, games room, tavern, good quality furnishings, good quality food and drink.
    • Specialized store (e.g., bookstore, goldsmith, boutique, etc.), staffed by at least one expert in the field.
    • Heavy merchant ship, fully stocked with trade goods and supplies, full crew complement.
    • 1000 acre farm with numerous crops of which at least one is a specialty crop (e.g., nuts and/or fruit orchard), five animal types; storage, slaughter, and alcohol production facilities; large work crew with several foremen.
    • Full caravan with numerous goods and items, work animals, full crew (including guards).
  • 1000 PR:
    • Exotic item shop (e.g., alchemy, adventurer’s gear, very specialized items like cartography or architect’s gear, etc.), staffed by at least one master crafter and one trade expert.
    • Spacious church, extensive tapestries and stained glass windows, can sit 500 parishioners slightly uncomfortably, a dozen acolytes and one senior clergy member.
    • The foundation of a castle keep.
    • A grand guild hall.
    • Herd of 1000+ large animals (e.g., cattle, horses, etc.).
  • 5000 PR
    • Merchant fleet of 12 ships of various sizes, all with full crews and fully stocked with goods and supplies.
    • The rarest of food plantations, with full work crew, etc.
    • Gem or precious metal mine, with full crew, etc.
    • A frontier fortress.
    • Adventurers/Mages/Thieves Guild hall.
  • 10000 PR
    • Complete castle keep.
    • Guild halls in numerous cities.
    • Cathedral.
    • Noble’s palace in Emerisia.
  • 15000 PR
    • Full castle.
  • 25000 PR
    • Creation Forge.
    • True Magic Item shop.
    • Flying Fortress.

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Party Resources

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