Population: 1240
Racial Make-up: 40% Human, 15% Halfling, 13% Dwarf, 13% Zilhman (half-elves), 11% Elf, 7% Kenku, 1% Other
Trade: Exports glassworks, shipbuilding, lumber, and leather goods; imports metals (including metalwork) and crafts
Allegiance: Magnimar (Outpost)

Sandpoint is the southernmost outpost of the city-state Magnimar on the Inner Sea Coast. It is a fairly unremarkable town, that mostly caters to the various ship traffic on the Inner Sea. Sandpoint is a great stopping point for many ships as the tariffs are cheaper in there than either in Magnimar or the Free City of Emerisia. As such, much of Sandpoint’s trade revolves around the Inner Sea and the ships that sail on it.

Five years ago, two events rocked the otherwise peaceful community. First, a serial killer terrorized Sandpoint for a month, before killing himself. A month later, Sandpoint’s cathedral to the gods burned down. It is finally on the path to rebuilding and the consecration of the new cathedral will soon occur.

There are some hostile goblin tribes in the area, but they rarely do anything besides harass the occasional caravan.

For more information see Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords: Burnt Offerings, pgs 58-71.

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